If you don't know what a Punctal Occluder is, don't worry, neither did I. It is used to plug the tear duct in your eyelid. It is so small that the only way to show it in action was to make it in a 3D program.

This scene shows the smoothness and transparency of the Occluder. All scenes are completely created in Blender.

This scene shows the tool that actually inserts the Occluder. This was completely modeled from scratch in Blender.

The Occluder sits on the end shaft. The button makes the end shaft pull out of the Occluder once it is inserted in your tear duct.

This scene shows stills taken from the actual insertion animation. I used Lattice Deformation to make the skin move and look real.

All color is done with Vertex Paint.

This scene shows stills taken from the actual extraction animation. Notice how the skin stretches when the Occluder is removed.

The hardest thing to accomplish was the folding of the Occluder onto itself. This was completely done using Mesh Deformation.
This was my very first "Paying" project that was done using Blender. A company in Pennsylvania contacted me over the Internet. All I used was scanned brochure pictures and an actual insertion tool to model from.

Here are the Insertion and Extraction animations in MPG format.