Work in Progress:
If you don't know who Pumpkinhead is, I suggest you go to your local video store and rent it! Part I is one of my favorite horror movies out there...

This shows the beginning of my mesh modeling for Pumpkinhead. All scenes are completely created in Blender.

This scene was entered in the Blender contest on www.gfxartist.com's website.

All the elements of this scene are completely 3D, right down to the blades of grass!

I titled this scene
"Blender Never Dies!" . That wasn't the case for some of the other high-end 3D software packages that made their way on my tombstones.

This scene shows almost the entire layout of where the animation takes place. I titled this scene "Moon Night"

I will update this page as soon as I have some video rendered.

This scene was also entered in the same contest.

I will also be adding the updates to Pumpkinhead on this page, the modeling is almost done, now it's on to the texture mapping... my favorite part!